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Rapids Fans Just Want to Understand What's Going On!

So many questions! What are the answers? All I know is, Serna has to be part of the solution!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

I try to stay positive about life in general, and about the Colorado Rapids in particular without drifting into homerism.  I confess, I (like most other Rapid fans) am struggling.  The Boss already addressed the majority of why I'm struggling.  I will say that I found this game a bit more entertaining and the Rapids much more engaged and executing that previous outings.

Dillon "Get That Guy on the Pitch" Serna

My frustration actually lies in the positive play of Dillon Serna. I have wondered why he (and Shane O'Neill) haven't seen the pitch more.  Three goals in the last two competitions (U.S. Open Cup and last night against FC Dallas), along with a MLS Goal of the Week win with his bomb against, yes, FC Dallas.  He has a nose for and a desire to go at goal (something we need so very badly), and has delivered when provided the opportunity.

Thus, when he scored late in the game, I found myself conflicted.  I was glad to get out of Dick's with some result, but when Serna scored on a beauty, I was relieved and frustrated that he can't seem to get time.  Which leads to the point--

Someone Needs to Explain Some Things

I don't pretend to understand all the tactics and strategies (but I'm working hard to fix that), but something's amiss. I did not see Pablo up much during the game (I say 'much' because he could have been up during my two-minute foray to the snack bar).  The lineup inconsistency, his marriage to the 4-2-3-1, his giving Sam Cronin the captaincy, him not using Shane O'Neill, him not using Kevin Doyle, the apparent culture and tone that's been set--so many, many questions our astute fans have,

Does any forum exist where fans may ask questions in a respectful, civilized manner where we can just ask in varying ways, "What is going on here? What's next? What's the plan? Put it on the bottom shelf to give us some idea that things will get better.  Please!  We want to support!  We are begging, revving the car in the block ready to have something to cheer for.  We're not fairweather fans!  We buy season tickets, paying money because we love soccer and want to totally embrace the beautiful game in Colorado!  Could you please, please help us understand?"

We have a tough stretch:  Wednesday at Orlando City SC, then Saturday at Sporting Kansas City.

On a positive: I'm encouraged that the fans care enough to have this level of frustration!  Could that have been said five years ago?