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Calling All Rapids Fans Who've Been There from the Beginning

As a fairly new Rapids fan, I feel I don't have an appreciation for the history of our Rapids. I'd like to fix that--and you can help!

Some of you have been fans from the beginning!  I confess, your crew fascinates me. I'm the typical American sports fan who didn't even know soccer existed outside of the World Cup until 2012.  Numerous others have followed European soccer for decades.  Yet, some of you are a special breed: following the Rapids since theirs and the MLS' inception in 1996.

I'm a history buff, diving head long into the Civil War and Reconstruction through the Depression--that's my sweet spot. Yet, in my mind, MLS and the Colorado Rapids in 1996 are in the Stone Age (just being honest here).  So help us newbies out --and there are a lot of us out there.

  1. Who of you were there from the beginning--1996, Mile High Stadium, the works?  Tell us about the atmosphere, the camaraderie, the team?
  2. What articles/books are out that chronicle the early days of MLS?  Sure, I could Google it, but Google doesn't discern the treasure from the trash.  Algorithms can't sort.
  3. Which uniform (outside of the current Burgundy offering) did you like best and why?
Answer any or all of them.  Fill us in on what it was like back in the day!