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Game Recap: Colorado Rapids 1:1 FC Dallas--Another Lackluster Performance By The Rapids

Make no mistake: this draw was like a loss because it was at home.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas played to a rather boring 1-1 draw that saw the Rapids clinging to a playoff berth by their fingernails and the Hoops having possession of fourth place in the West.

The Rapids were pressing the bulk of the match and finished with nearly 58% of the possession but managed only 3 shots on target and created just 14 total chances.  They simply cannot finish to save their lives right now and it is very obvious that something is not working in Commerce City.  Dallas took the lead on a sublime finish by Fabian Castillo, but the goal was more to do with horrific man marking by James Riley and Clint Irwin did not give his best on that goal.

It looked like another home loss for the Rapids until the 87th minute when Dillon Serna clawed one back for the Rapids in the only real moment of brilliance for the Burgundy Boys.

My thoughts:

1) So what if you shaved, what about Shane? Why oh, why can Shane O'Neill not get a start for the Rapids was the rallying cry before the match.  Some twitter love for the benching of Shane:

or we have this:

or this one is awesome as well:

It comes back to some curious starting lineup decisions that make zero if little sense and convince supporters that Pablo Mastroeni really has no clue how to coach.

2)  Cronin with the Armband: Sort of loss in all of this match was Cronin with the armband.  Not much to add other than--well, isn't that interesting.

3)  Ready to Start, nothing to show for it: The Rapids have started so poor in the last four MLS games such that they were chasing things most of the time.  They were better tonight, but still had nothing to show for it.

4)  So Much Hope, So Little Reality: Pablo, we do love you as a Rapids legend.  We love your tenacity and passion.  But you seem so out of your depth it is hurting us.  This was another winnable game that you did not have your players ready for. It is becoming more and more difficult to believe in you.  Please show us something.

5)  Home Fortress? No one is intimidated to come to Colorado.  Time to ignore this idea.

6)  Brutal Stretch: The Rapids are at Orlando City on Wednesday and at Sporting next Saturday.  It is difficult to find a situation where the Rapids grab a point out of that stretch.

The Rapids return to MLS play this Wednesday against Orlando City at the Citrus Bowl.  Kick off is at 5:30 PM MDT and the broadcast is on Altitude.