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On The Road To Edmonton--Part One (ou partie d'un)

As a football freak, there was no chance I was not going to the World Cup this summer.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

I love the football.  Or soccer.  Or the Beautiful Game.

For me, there is not a better sport on the planet than soccer.  (ou de football , mais vous obtenez le point)

And with the World Cup so darn close to home it made a heck of a lot of sense to plan a trip to go to Canada and see the greatest game in the World played in a country that I know and love.  My grandmother was born and raised in Saskatchewan and my sister lives in British Columbia.  For me, Canada was never so much a foreign land, as it is a part of the fabric that has made me the human that I am.

So yeah, I am chilling in Cranbrook, British Columbia as I write this article.

I was not sure what the reaction or reception would be in Canada to the World Cup.  Would a hockey crazy country go nuts for the World Cup or would it fall by the wayside?

I can say, without a doubt, that Canada is a happy crazy soccer country.

Now, it total disclosure, I have been to two other World Cup' the United States and Germany.  And I don't think the atmosphere in Germany can be duplicated.  That being said, what is going on in Canada is, awesome.  It is being treated like the Stanley Cup.  From the coverage to the passion for the game, it is fantastic.  And with relatives in Canada, it made sense to get here.

So last Thursday we piled in the Subaru and headed up to Cranbrook to spend a few days with my sister before heading to Edmonton, Alberta for three matches.  We certainly could have made plans to see the United States play, but the World Cup is about the World's Game so we wanted to see matches that we might not normally be able to see in the USA.  So on Tuesday we get:

Switzerland vs Cameroon


Australia vs Sweden

and on June 20 we have the second place team in group A vs the second place team in group C before we head back to Colorado.

Yes, I am missing two Colorado Rapids home matches for the World Cup.  But the World Cup only happens once every four years and it seemed worth it.  So this is the first of several articles chronicling our journey to Canada, the matches, and what it all means.  There will be nothing negative about FIFA or the corruption that has overtaken it.

Just a celebration of The Beautiful Game