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You're Not Watching the Women's World Cup? Repent!

So, I decided to watch the Women's World Cup, just to see! I'm watching it now on FOX--and so should you!

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If you're not watching the Women's World Cup, then you need to turn--turn on FOX or FOX Sports 1 and watch. No, there won't be any Colorado Rapids players represented.  But still, it's a great watch!  Why?

In the Christian worldview in which I live and breathe, there's a word that's found repeatedly in the New Testament, and that's the word, "Repent!"  This may make you think of the guy dressed as a hippie at an intersection with a cardboard placard with that word written in all caps.  Yet, the concept is simple: it's a turning from one direction to another. And while we would say that repentance in regards to spiritual matters is far, far more important than how I'm about to use it, the terminology applies.  All of us evaluate our lives in an effort to determine the right course to take.  So let me suggest a course to take in the soccer world.

  1. Outstanding fundamentals. The technique on display with this World Cup is a wonder to behold!
  2. Passionate play.
  3. The US Women's National Team is playing, and have a legitimate shot at winning this thing. This team has some great personalities to rally around, with some great stories
  4. The field is filled with women from all countries who have come to the United States to play, showing everyone that the USA is becoming a soccer-rich, soccer-friendly country!
  5. Dude, it's soccer!  Need I say more?
Are you watching the Women's World Cup?  Leave your comments below and tell us what you think?