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Kevin Doyle Joining Colorado Rapids Early

Many Rapids fans are clamoring for more scoring...well help is on the way in the form of one Kevin Doyle.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

I would never, ever wish ill on a football team as they prepare for the playoffs or promotion (except Blackburn Rovers or Real Salt Lake) and this is no different for Wolves of the English Championship.  I was hoping for Wolves to make a run at the Premier League as I remember them in the top flight and they did have spells of good football in their time up top.

But the fact that they did not make the Championship playoffs for a shot at the EPL does not make me sad in any way shape or form...cause that means Kevin Doyle will be joining the Colorado Rapids early:

So sorry Wolves about missing out on a chance for promotion, but HELL YEAH KEVIN DOYLE WILL BE HERE BY THE END OF MAY!

I know the front office gets a lot of crap from fans.  And I know that there are supporters who want Tim Hinchey or Paul Bravo or Pablo Mastroeni fired and out of the team.  As I look at this they have done a great job in getting Doyle here early.  This was not a free transaction as Wolves were under zero obligation to let Doyle go early.  But the Rapids got it done.

For one I say: well done Mr Hinchey and well done Mr Bravo.  Well done indeed.  For Mr Mastroeni, you have another weapon coming to deploy along the front line.  And with an in form Gabriel Torres, this team has suddenly gotten a lot more scary heading into summer time.