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Colorado Rapids vs Portland Timbers: Man of the Match Voting

Who was your Man of the Match last night?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In what may ultimately be a crushing blow to their playoff hopes, the Colorado Rapids dropped a 2-1 decision to Portland Timbers at Dick's Sporting Goods Park Saturday night.  The Rapids were out of sorts the bulk of the evening with passes going to no one, shots that seemingly could not stay on target, and getting physically muscled off the ball time and again.

The loss is one thing, but the game was just......strange.

And in a week that started with such promise (the 1-0 victory last Saturday) ends with the Rapids claiming 3 out of 9 points from Cascadia week and that is going to mean an uphill climb to the 'red line' is going to get that much more difficult.

So who was your Man of the Match?  Was it Kevin Doyle making his first start at home?  Perhaps it was Michael Harrington or Clint Irwin.  Let your voice be heard Rapids fans!