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Colorado Rapids at LA Galaxy: Man of the Match Voting

Another road game, another road point for the Burgundy Boys.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

I have to say, seeing Colorado Rapids grab another point on the road is starting to feel really good.  Although it was tough to give up a goal to LA Galaxy, I was pleased to see how the Rapids still were able to get out of Los Angeles with a crucial point and keep their undefeated road record going.

Now, if they could turn that road form into something special at home, it would make the Rapids serious contenders for a playoff spot.

In the game against the Galaxy there were a number of good performances and it is time now to ask you who was your Man of the Match.  Was it Clint Irwin who put in another solid game?  Or perhaps Gabriel Torres for grabbing his fourth goal of the year.  Or maybe it was Dillon Powers for another workmanlike performance in the middle.  Regardless of who you think it was, let your voice be heard!