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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids at Seattle Sounders, May 27, 2015

The Rapids play an uninspired match on the road and suffer its first road defeat of the season. The players seemed to be wanting to watch this match instead of playing in it. Juan Ramirez came off the bench at halftime to try and rally the troops but that didn't work out in the end and the match finished 1-0.

Clint Irwin collects a cross from the Seattle Sounders.
Clint Irwin collects a cross from the Seattle Sounders.
Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

What an uninspiring match the Colorado Rapids played agains the Seattle Sounders on Wednesday night.

The players seemed to be having trouble with the turf (especially the players acquired this year), the corners were poor, the free kicks were poor and it all added up to a loss for the Rapids.

I think the Sounders lost interest in the second half and focused on defending and countering.

Juan Ramirez came on at half time and offered a little hope for the Rapids but that was short-lived when he really did not get any help.

Overall the defenders did well throughout the match making it hard on the Sounders to get through on goal. They made one mistake in not closing down Marco Pappa and were punished for it. But if you are relying on the defense to play a perfect game, something is amiss. In the end, only giving up 1 goal on the road to the Sounders is not that bad.

Here is how I saw the match.

Clint Irwin (7): Irwin was strong in goal again for the Rapids. It is becoming a broken record, but a good broken record. You want a strong goalie and I think the Rapids have one of the best in MLS. He had no chance on Pappa's goal, but almost got there. He went up strong twice against Obafemi Martins and Martins seemed to get the worst of those. He was my man of the match.

Marc Burch (5): He had a good match down the left side for the Rapids. He was solid, but nothing spectacular.

Bobby Burling (5): Burling was a rock in the middle. He was letting his presence be known from the beginning and that included taking out Martins along the sideline. He held is own and seemed to have the pace to keep up with the Sounders.

Jared Watts (5): I am going to defend Watts in this column. It was not his fault that Pappa scored. Powers should have cleared it instead of possessing it when he was flanked by two players. When the cross came in, it seemed to skip and it got to him quickly. He did get a foot to it. Watts was solid all night, nothing spectacular, but solid.

Michael Harrington (3): Harrington should have closed down Pappa. He seemed to be waiting for him to go to his left foot and that did not happen. They teach you in the early days of soccer to close down the person with the ball. Harrington should have done that. He had cover if Pappa is able to get around him. Otherwise a few times he seemed to be caught up field.

Lucas Pittinari (2): He seemed lost all evening. He had three fouls in the first 6 minutes and was making an horrible pass after horrible pass. If everyone was present and healthy I would say he doesn't start on Saturday. But that isn't the case. It is time he gets a break.

Sam Cronin (4): Cronin was lucky to not get a yellow card in this match. But he was also making poor passes all night. He just seemed a step behind.

Dillon Powers (4): Powers had an off night, but I also think the position he was playing contributed to it. Playing on the left or right is not his thing, He belongs in the middle of the pitch. He had a couple poor free kicks and put one free kick on goal that was easily gathered by Stefan Frei.

Kevin Doyle (5): Doyle seemed lost all night. He was not connected to Solignac and this formation demands your central attacking midfielder to remain connected. He was dropping too far back. He did draw a yellow on Brad Evans. Doyle seemed confused by the turf.

Gabriel Torres (3): Not sure what happened to Torres. He had been having a good year so far. But in this match he seemed to be ball watching. He was a step behind. Hope he gets it together for Saturday.

Luis Solignac (5): He was on an island all night vs two or three defenders by himself. He did get in position and put a challenging header on goal, though it was tough to tell if he was called for a foul or not. He brought the energy, but he spent most of the evening running around by himself. The turf monster seemed to get him too.


Juan Ramirez (6): He was a second half spark for the Rapids. He provided that little bit of energy for the team but unfortunately it didn't help get the equalizer. He showed some spectacular dribbling and the turf seemed to fit him. But there were times during the second half he didn't have support.

Vicente Sanchez (4): Sanchez came on in the 74' minute for Powers and did okay. But a late corner when the Rapids needed a good kick, he curls it into the keeper. He helped bring some speed and ingenuity to the right side of the formation, but it didn't lead to much.

Charles Eloundou (N/A): He came on in the 83' for Kevin Doyle.

What did you think?