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Meet Cody Clough, the new Rapids Membership Services Specialist

I have a new liaison for my season ticket representative. His name is Cody Clough. Let's welcome him and get to know him better.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

For the last year plus, Dillon Ross served as my go-to representative for my Colorado Rapids season tickets.  He has now received a well-deserved promotion as Manager of Membership Services.  In his place is Cody Clough.  Let's take time to get to know Cody a bit better:

BW:  So what is your official title and role with our beloved Colorado Rapids?  Is this your first gig with the Rapids organization?

My official title with the Rapids is, Membership Services Specialist. No, it is not my first gig with the Rapids. I started with the Rapids in January of 2015 as an inside sales rep in the Colorado Rapids Sales Academy. I had a lot of fun and worked hard in that role, and was promoted to the membership service specialist position.

BW:  When did the soccer bug hit you?  What were your favorite teams growing up, both domestically and internationally?

CC: That’s a long time ago. I fell in love with the sport around 6 years old. I have been playing ever since. I played all throughout high school and a year in college. I still try to lace up the boots from time to time now. As for my favorite teams, my favorite team is Manchester United. I always loved watching them growing up. The USMNT is by far my favorite team in sports. I look forward to that month every four years when I get to see them play in the World Cup. I would love to see an appearance in the finals at some point…

BW:  What has most impressed you about working with the Colorado Rapids organization?

CC: A few things have really impressed me with the Colorado Rapids organization. The cohesiveness and energy in the office is great. I look forward to coming into work every day. Another thing that I am really impressed with is all the hard work everyone puts in. I didn’t realize how much work went into just getting everything set up for a single game. Everyone here works hard and is passionate about the club.

Go Rapids!


Be sure and welcome Cody in the comments section!  It's the folks behind the scenes that work to make lifelong Rapids fans.  Welcome again, Cody!