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Hey Rapids Fans, What's the Difference Between Winless and Unbeaten? More Than You Think

The Rapids have strung together four straight 1-1 draws. Winless streak or an unbeaten streak? Depends on your attitude, Rapids fan!

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The good news is, the Colorado Rapids are unbeaten in their last four games!

The bad news is, the Rapids are 0-0-4 in their last four games!

One of the biggest areas I had to get used to in watching soccer is the draw (or the tie, if you're an American).  Americans haven't dealt well with ties in our sports history.  In every other sport, we have overtime or shootouts (I still can't believe we had shootouts in MLS the first few years.)  But now, we have ties.  And the Rapids have a lot of ties (I mean, draws), being 1-2-7 for 2015.

This reality also brings out the true attitude of the fan toward the team.  The glass-half-full chap will say, "We've only lost twice all year!"  The glass-half-empty lad says, "Good grief!  We've only won one game?"

Take the last four games, all draws. Is this is a winless streak or an unbeaten streak? Well, both are correct, right?  They haven't won (boo!) but they also haven't lost (yes!).  Against San Jose, we left it late, but James Riley comes to the rescue.  Against FC Dallas (4/24), Nick LaBrocca came to the rescue.  At the New York Red Bulls, Torres put us up--for about three minutes until they equalized (but that's OK, because we just played in LA to a 1-1 draw, where we let Gordon equalize in the 76th minute).

So, not all draws are created equal.  The Rapids got a pass against LA and NY due to the travel.  The draws at home are frustrating because we just haven't seen many goals, even though we've had tons of chances.

Now that Luis Solignac and Kevin Doyle are with the club, draws will be less tolerable, being referred to as another match we didn't win rather than one we didn't lose.

And that's a good thing! MLS and Rapid fans need to hold on to their American value of winning rather than not losing. I firmly believe that's what our front office is after.  I firmly believe that's what our coaching staff is after.  Same with the players.  And it's what our fans should and must expect.

So the punchline is this.  If you're coming off an epic losing streak, then four straight ties are seen as, "Yes!  We have a four-game unbeaten streak."  Otherwise, it's a winless streak.

How do you view it?  A winless streak or an unbeaten streak?

I have a great feeling that we'll be having a winning streak very soon!  You just watch.  See you in the South Stands.