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Corners to Curb Hunger: The Rapids Partner with Ardent Mills

The Rapids partner with Ardent Mills in "Corners to Curb Hunger" which will benefit Food Bank of the Rockies!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids and Ardent Mills will partner this season to benefit Food Bank of the RockiesPerishable News reports.  Begun in 1867, Ardent Mills has a coast-to-coast network of 40 community mills, three bakery-mix centers and a specialty bakery. Food Bank of the Rockies provides 121,000 meals per day through 800 relief agencies, affecting for good 411,000 people annually.

Ardent Mills CEO Dan Dye explains the arrangement:

With every corner kick by the Colorado Rapids this season, we will donate 500 meals to fight hunger through Food Bank of the Rockies. If they score on a kick, we will increase the donation to 1,000 meals. The Rapids are averaging 170 corner kicks per season. When you do the math, we hope to make a real difference in battling hunger in this region.

We all love the potential that corner kicks provide.  Now, we know that these corner kicks will do some good off the field.

I like this partnership.  Rapids President Tim Hinchey:

"It takes great nutrition to fuel great physical performance whether you are a professional athlete or a child or adult with an active lifestyle. We are proud to partner with Ardent Mills, a provider of nutritious grain-based flours and ingredients, and Food Bank of the Rockies to make a difference in thousands of lives in Colorado and Wyoming."

So with this, I commend both the Rapids and Ardent Mills for seeking to make a difference for those off the pitch as well as on the pitch. Be on the lookout later this season where the Rapids and Ardent Mills will host a Food Drive to Kick Hunger where fans can bring perishable food or cash to further support Food Bank of the Rockies.

Winners all around!