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Colorado Rapids vs San Jose Earthquakes: Man of the Match Voting

The Rapids and Quakes played to another draw. Who was your Man of the Match?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids simply cannot beat the San Jose Earthquakes.  It has not happened since 2011 and on a horrible Friday night (weather wise) the Rapids found themselves praying for a tie (rather then, you know, trying to win) and those prayers were answered in stoppage time.

For all of the statistics that went for the Rapids in this match, they had no real offensive cohesion and struggled so significantly that their goal was scored by a defender.  The Rapids are in trouble right now...don't believe otherwise.  Until they start finding their offensive groove, they will fall further and further behind in the Western Conference.  Certainly this can all change, but as or right now: they are in a bad way.

Regardless of my thoughts, who was your Rapids Man of the Match?   Check out the poll below and let your voice be heard!