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One Year Ago Today: Saying Hello to Ciao

One year ago, reports came out about a new sponsor for the Rapids jersey. While that fell through, it did mark a historic moment in the history of our beloved club.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

One year ago today (technically April 29th, but first reported on May 1), excitement gripped Colorado Rapids nation over the securing of a jersey sponsor:  Ciao Telecommunications.  Rapids' President Tim Hinchey III summed up our emotions at the time:

Partnering with a global company like Ciao is a massive step forward for our entire organization, one that will be felt by everyone connected to the Rapids, as well as soccer fans throughout the country. Ciao has a broad range of services that we can help them introduce in America, and we’re excited for a long and successful relationship. This truly is a historic moment for our club.

Six months later, the Rapids sued Ciao for missed payments , giving fans another reason to venture into the valley following a difficult end to the 2014 season.  However, this did open the door for another sponsor, a more stable sponsor in TransAmerica.

So, while we had to say ciao to Ciao Telecommunications, it did mark a historic day in our club's history.

We should celebrate that.