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US Open Cup First and Second Round Pairings Announced

There is a Colorado tint to the early match-ups in the US Open Cup along with Charlotte Independence with a home match in the second round.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The US Open Cup first and second round games were announced today (as well as two play in matches) and there were a number of Colorado teams that will take the pitch early as well as our USL affiliate, the Charlotte Independence.

As a quick reminder, teams enter in this order:

Play-In Round: this comprises the US Specialty Sports Association (one team), US Club Soccer (one team), and two teams in the US Adult Soccer Association

First Round: this comprises the US Adult Soccer Association (9 teams), Premier Development League (19 teams), National Premier Soccer League (12 teams) and the winners from the Play-In Round.

Second Round: this comprises the United Soccer League (19 teams) and the winners from the First Round.

Third Round: this comprises the North American Soccer League (9 teams) and the winners from the Second Round.

Fourth Round: this comprises Major League Soccer (and our very own Colorado Rapids) (17 teams) and the winners from the Third Round.

OK.  Got that?

So here are the important "State of Colorado" details that you should know about:

April 25 at 4PM MDT: Harpo's FC vs KC Athletics--Prentup Field--Boulder, Colorado

May 13 at 7:30PM MDT: Harpo's FC/KC Athletics winner at BYU Cougars--BYU South Stadium--Provo, Utah

May 20 at  at 7PM MDT: Harpo's FC/KC Athletics/BYU Cougars winner at Colorado Springs Switchbacks--Sand Creek Stadium--Colorado Springs, Colorado


May 20 at 5:30PM MDT: Triangle Brigade/Upward Star at Charlotte Independence--Ramblewood Sports Complex--Charlotte, North Carolina

Pretty exciting stuff to have two teams in Colorado hosting early round matches in the tournament and with our affiliate in Charlotte at home for their first match, things are looking good in the early goings of the US Open Cup.