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Is C38 More Effective in the Terrace or the South Stands?

The Centennial 38 Supporters Group that typically occupy the North End Terrace planted themselves in Section 117. Is this a good move?

Should C38 be in the South Stands from now on?
Should C38 be in the South Stands from now on?
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

What an entertaining match Friday night between our Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas.  We made it out with a 1-1 draw, but the plethora of missed opportunities bit us again, and thus the night ended (again) without a home win.

I was joined in the South Stands by our passionate Centennial 38 Supporters Group--normally occupying the Terrace in the North End (for those of you not familiar with our Dick's Sporting Goods Park digs)--planted themselves in Section 117.  My thoughts?

It made a huge difference.  Granted, everything we were hearing wasn't G-rated, and certain terms were thrown about that do not belong in Burgundy Nation (I echo JM, we're better than that).  But all-in-all, it added a ton for two reasons:

  1. We could hear them. Being in the closed-in section of the stadium helped the sound they created reverberate better.  They used the acoustics to their advantage.  You may say, "Wait, you're in the South Stands, of course you could hear them better."  I walk around the stadium quite a bit, and have sat in 102 with friends previously.  In the Terrace, they are too far removed and the sound escapes too much to make any kind of impact.  I mean, when the Seattle Sounders came to town and squished into 101, I could hear them more than C38.  Please, C38, do not see that as a dig.  It's not.  You guys make Rapids nation proud and I'm on your side.  But being in 117 made us able to hear you better. How can I say that?
  2. Due to #1, this made interacting with other sections of the stadium actually possible. "Rapids!" then the gang leader pointed to the East Stands--and they responded.  "Rapids!" then pointing to the West stands, it was ... ok, but better than if they had been in the Terrace.
My comments may ruffle some feathers (if so, please direct your comments to our fearless leader--as opposed to me)(kidding)(kinda)(not really).  I may stand as the new guy to the party who doesn't connect with the traditions built up and passed down to the generations. I get that, but no matter.  If C38 wants to make a difference on the field and in the stands, then as badly as some will dislike it, it'll have to be in the South Stands.

Just keep in mind that, unlike the Terrace, there will be kids around.  Just sayin.'

All kidding aside, what do you think?  Take the poll, leave a comment, and stay classy, Colorado.