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Rapids Want to Take You on a Mustache Ride

Don't get excited, it is just the other team's win count.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Oh yeah, at first it was all like, "We Do, We Do!" Back when it was cute and we had hopes for the future.

Mustache Rides

Pay no attention to the man behind the mustache!

Hopes, dreams and mustaches. A future of mustaches and the thundering roar of cannons. Now the talk of mustaches is about all we have. No, seriously, in a season that has been lackluster thus far and borderline unbelievable the talk is nothing about Bad Luck...and Mustaches if the Colorado Rapids were to be believed.

The time has come to stop talking of both. Blaming "Unluck" and talking of mustaches. If facial hair were all that it took to win games, I think we have quite a few coaches sitting in the stands of high quality caliber waiting to take over the next time Pablo gets ejected. (Actually that's not a bad idea. It can't possibly get any worse could it?)

I'm not one to talk of tactics much as I remember an old adage about best laid plans of mice and men; if you believe Douglas Adams, men have got nothing to do with it. Watching our formations that contain a single striker I'm rather inclined to agree that a human being has nothing to do with our formations and it's more to do with a coin flip. I suppose I should back up and admit that I think the single striker formation is probably one of the worst conceived formations out there. Please submit your arguments against me accordingly.  I don't really rightly care if we put one of the Academy strikers or even our fifth backup keeper out there; we need someone there to just be a damnable body for the defense to mark. Ideally someone who knows how to revamp the strategy and adapt when the tactics go to Hell.


Halftime Tactics Needs Work

Sure, I know we are sorely lacking in strikers on this squad, (among other things) so it makes sense to keep the lone striker up top and let him run back lines ragged right? It might work if he had some midfield support though, which unfortunately I have not seen much of. I do see a lot of wasted crosses as someone drives down, crosses it....TO THE ONE SOLITARY STRIKER WITH NOONE ELSE IN SUPPORT AROUND. How hard is it to mark one guy? Judging by the lack of goals materializing from this tactic, it appears not very.  The cross pass doesn't work, neither does passing it across the box which allows defenders to park a bus on us, so let's stop doing both already. Let's try dribbling the ball all the way into the goal mouth or something crazy. If we're lucky, we'll get a PK out of it.

@#$%, I just said "Luck" didn't I?

Happy Lucky

No, not you. Although, can you score goals? You're hired.