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Insert into Starting XI, Please: Shane O'Neill and Dillon Serna Shined for the U-23s Last Night

Did you see our Colorado Rapids' Shane O'Neill and Dillon Serna representing USA in fine form last night? If you didn't, you need to behold the glory. Coach Pablo, insert them into our Starting XI, please.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, I said, "Please."  My parents taught me that manners go a long way, so I'll say it:  "Please, Coach Mastroeni, sir!  Please insert Shane O'Neill and Dillon Serna into the starting XI."

Look at Dillon Serna's service to Christian Dean in the 59th minute:

You have to enjoy how the R's in Serna roll off the commentator's tongue. Just lovely. Then Jordan Morris' goal in the 68th minute, courtesy of Shane O'Neill's header: Yes, I know they are young and that those starting provide more experience. But more experience does not equate to more talent. Those two should not be resting on the bench. Let's get those two, plus Axel Sjoberg into the mix. Please, Coach. Pretty please!