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Talk Is Cheap. Make DSGP A Fortress Already!

The Rapids have one of the most natural home field advantages in US Soccer and yet they have one win in their last 11 at Dick's Why do you think that is?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In the two years that I have written for Burgundy Wave I have written several times about Dick's Sporting Goods Park.  I will not ever be one of those that complain that it is in the middle of nowhere or that it lacks good food options or beer options.  The park is where the park is and the food and beer are what the food and beer are.

But one thing I have talked about, written about, heard about is the (in)ability for the Colorado Rapids to turn Dick's Sporting Goods Park into a soccer fortress.   A place where opponents fear coming to.  A place where 5,280 feet means something.  Drew Moor may have said it best:

Captain Colorado is right.  DSGP has to be a fortress.  And in a conference where most teams have legitimate chances at the playoffs, the Rapids cannot simply keep dropping points at home.  It erodes any chance that the Rapids have at making a serious and honest run at the playoffs and it begins to make supporters question whether the Rapids know how to win at home.  The evidence:

Since July 4, 2014 the Rapids have:

  • gone 1-6-4 at home (7 points)
  • scored 12 goals in those 11 games (1.09 gpg)
  • have been shut out at home four times
  • have scored one or fewer goals at home eight times
  • have given up three or more goals at home three times
  • have given up two or more goals at home five times
  • have given up 19 goals in those 11 games (1.72 gpg)
  • there only home victory in that span is against a team that no longer exists
Soooooooo as you can tell, things are pretty poor at home and I have been trying to figure this one out.  Is it a lack of shots on goal?  No, they are generating shots (7th in the league right now).  Are they creating chances?  Yeah, they are and are also 7th in the league in that category.  Are they bossing the midfield?  For large portions of the game, they are.

So what is it?  Why can teams come in here (both good and bad) and come away with a win or a draw?  In four of the 11 matches I referenced above the Rapids had a lead and lost it in the second half.  How does this happen?

Is it identity?  Do the Rapids know who they are?  Is it luck?  Both good or bad?  Or is it something totally different?  And so I ask you, our fearless readers: what do you think the problem is with the Rapids and playing well enough at home to get positive results?  I am curious for your comments, so hit us up in the comment section below!