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The Anatomy of a Fan, Part V: Win or Lose, Rapids Fans, Never Stay Quiet

The Rapids discussions groups were quiet this past week after the 4-0 shellacking of the FC Parejas. But after that rather entertaining Seattle match where we lost 3-1, folks are fired up again.

Stay warm, Rapids fans--and get fired up!
Stay warm, Rapids fans--and get fired up!
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Fans fascinate me. Sports writers have spilled much ink on the fact that the word 'fan' is short for 'fanatic.'  I'm as guilty as anyone.  When Torres scored that goal, I ran up to the other end of Row 26 in Section 121 and gave a yell and a fist pump that nearly tore my rotater cuff.  When Powers' ball hit the post near the beginning of the game, my son lay fully prone on the bench in frustration.  The second half, we just stayed quiet as the Sounders controlled the possession and just toyed with our Burgundy Boys.

After the Colorado Rapids beat the FC Parejas last Friday 4-0, I noticed something interesting.  Discussion boards and even comments at our Burgundy Wave articles were markedly quiet.  When I put it out my observation of this fact, one person responded (I'll edit it), "We don't have anything to gripe about."  Fair enough!  Given the time I've been writing in earnest for the BW (since May 2014), we've been on an industrial strength non-winning streak that left our Rapids brothers and sisters without hope and with a lot of disdain for the powers that be.  There's been much about which to complain.

So the build-up, the frustration, the angst, the disgust has to have an outlet.  Some fans have to rent planes with signs sharing how done they were with ownership, the GM, the FO, and anyone whom they deemed responsible for the debacle that was 2014.  They send e-mails, vent on discussion boards, threaten to (or actually follow through with) not supporting the team financially.  When times get rough, when losses pile up, when the perception is that the front office and ownership aren't doing what's necessary, fans cannot stay quiet--nor should they.

That win against FC Dallas gave every Rapid fan a breather, as if wandering through the parched desert and coming upon an oasis.  You're not crying out for "Water!  Water!"  You're stopping, quiet, kneeling down cupping that liquid life to your lips.


Ok, melodrama aside!  Our Rapids' fans need to bring it during the game, but also in our communication to the front office.  The visiting fans should never, ever out-noise us!  The North End should not be the only noisemakers in the Park.   Let them hear you, in good times and in bad.  Don't be that guy or that lady who just hollers when frustrated.  Be that guy or that lady that let's the Rapids higher-ups know when they've nailed it.  And with the back line and the midfield, they have. We just need some finishers and some guys confident enough to pull the trigger on goal.

In fact, I know for certain they want to hear from you.  Take the recent issue with the game against the Houston Dynamo that would be shown on a delay.  Five years ago, how much stink would have been raised?  Well, it was nothing (literally, nothing) compared to what happened now.  As bad as that situation was, it was good because now Burgundy Nation is gaining some traction.

Hang in there, Rapids fans.  Let your voice be heard!  I know you will.