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Rapids Fans, Dominate the Twittersphere!

Yes, we have the players! Yes, we have folks that write on various sports blogs! Let's hear from you in the Twittersphere!

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

We Colorado Rapids fans need to start utilizing the Twittersphere!  I mean, we've got the hashtags to develop our Burgundy community (#rapids96, #rtid, not to mention the hashtags during the games--in this case, #COLvNE).  Plus, the Houston Dynamo fans dominated us badly on Twitter (if it had been a game, we'd have lost 10-0).  Let's fix that!

It's Thursday--two days before the Rapids game against the MLS Cup runner-up New England Revolution.  Our defense is stout, our offense is ready to break out--so let's Tweet to the world what the Rapids are all about.

Every Sunday, I plan on posting my favorite Tweets from the game, lurking in the #rapids96 and #COLvNE hashtag.  So if you want your Tweet to live on, then get the hashtag on.  After all, the best analysis isn't from the talking heads on the screen (except for Richard Fleming and Drew Moor--that was a pretty fresh team calling the Dynamo match), but from you, the fans.  Seeing your immediate reactions and preserving that for posterity is what sports fanaticism is all about.

Who's in?  I hope you are!  Prepare your Burgundy spirits and let's see what you got!

For what it's worth, I believe our defense holds strong and the Saran Wrap is taking off the goal and we win 2-0!  Hope we're all there to see it!