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Game Recap: Rapids 1:3 Sounders

The Rapids lose to Seattle at home and lose whatever momentum they had going into this match.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Seriously, you had to see this coming.  The Colorado Rapids were coming off a signature win last weekend and came into the match against Seattle Sounders with everything to prove to supporters and MLS.   A win was realistic and a result was a no brainer.

And the Rapids came away with a loss by two goals and dropped to 1-2-3 on the year.

My thoughts:

1)  The Rapids were the better team (through 45 minutes):  No one in that stadium tonight could have said that Seattle was the better team after 45 minutes.  I was not impressed with Seattle at all (and am still not) as they were second best by a long mile.  But they were up by a goal after the first period.

2)  But the second half: The Rapids had all of the momentum after one half, and came out as flat as could be.  I did not know the team that came out in the final 45 and Seattle rightly took advantage.

3)  The Rapids have work to do: Say all you want about Seattle and how they dive and flop, but the Rapids could not deal with them when it mattered.  At this point, the Rapids are not a playoff team and a 3-1 pounding at home (and yes, the team is now -4 GD at home) is a tough pill to swallow as a supporter.

So Rapids fans, what did you think of the match tonight?  Let us know below!