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Tottenham Hate-Spur: Why Are So Many So Bummed about the ASG Opponent?

The announcement came out--the Spurs are coming to Colorado to play our MLS All-Stars. Yet, many seem less-than-thrilled at this announcement. I don't get it, but I'm sure you'll fill me in.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

So this writer who's an avid Arsenal fan received word like everyone else that Tottenham Hotspur is coming to Colorado to face our MLS All-Stars.  It goes without saying that this news excites Spurs fans.

Everyone else, however?  Not so much. Some noticed some irony in the opponent choice:

I suppose it's ironic. Personally, if I cannot pull for Arsenal, I most certainly can get worked up in pulling for our MLS guys against Tottenham. But, seriously, what's all the fuss about Tottenham? I guess that old poem is right:

Unless it's Chelsea, Roma, or ManU
Then absolutely no other opponent will do.

That poem is all of ten seconds old, but it seems to sum up how folks feel.

So, what's the upside in having Tottenham?

  1. Harry Kane (unless he's tied up with England's U-21 team): In case you haven't noticed, Harry Kane is tied with Diego Costa for the Premiere League lead with 19 goals in EPL play.  He's proving to be a great hope for the Spurs and for English football.  You'll get to see some quality with Kane--hopefully, maybe... probably not ... but possibly!
  2. DeAndre Yedlin:  (How dare you mention his name on a Rapids blog?)  Well, he's not with the Sounders anymore, he's with Tottenham.  And he's with our USMNT core.  Bashing Yedlin is so 2014!  I'm convinced we need to support our American players who play abroad, wish them the best, and that they improve for our US team.
  3. It's a quality European team playing in our backyard.  I'm also convinced we're spoiled.  The Spurs have a long tradition of strong football in England, and we need to not engage in reverse snobbery.  Reverse snobbery, you say?  That's right.  If an English team played an MLS team, we would believe that the English team would look down their nose on this American product.  We don't like that.  But aren't we doing the same thing?  ("Oh, Tottenham!  Bummer!  I wanted team 'X'.)  Let's not go there.  It doesn't wear well on us.
  4. Wear your pride in MLS well, folks. Wear your Burgundy kit, get you an MLS All-Star Game 2015 scarf, grab a dog and a beverage, and cheer the crazy out of yourself for our guys. I'm also an MLS homer, and like last year, I want MLS to win and put the soccer world on notice for at least five minutes.  (I wonder, would I feel that way if Arsenal or Everton were our opponent?  I'd like to think I would.)
  5. It's a Friendly.  Chill! Just have fun with it and relax!  If you can afford to go, then go and enjoy.  Also, don't forget about the Homegrown All-Star Game the night before, where you could see some Rapid players there (like Dillon Serna, Shane O'Neill or others).
I think when everything settles down, folks will be fine.  In the meantime, the ASG is here, so let's enjoy it!  Let's be such good fans and classy hosts that those out of town and even MLS higher-ups will be on notice that we're here and we are a force to be reckoned with.  I'm pumped.

Even if it is the Spurs!

ADDENDUM: One Spurs fan doesn't hold out much hope for how they will fare against the MLS:

Here's hoping!