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MLS All-Star Game Opponent Announced Tomorrow

Supporters of Major League Soccer have been eagerly awaiting the announcement as to who will be coming to DSGP to play the MLS All-Star's in July. We will know tomorrow.

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When Major League Soccer awarded the 2015 MLS All-Start game to Colorado in January there has been much speculation, conjecture, and down right curiosity as to who the opponent will be.  Worry no more soccer fans:

Since the Colorado Rapids tweeted this out earlier today I have wondered myself who it could be.  Could it be Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspur?   Or maybe a Borussia Dortmund?  Or how about a team from Italy like Inter?  Well according to this tweet, it will not be a team in Europe:

So what do know?  Not a whole hell of a lot at this point, but we will know who the opponent will be tomorrow and what the format will look like.

What are your thoughts Rapids fans?  Who would you like to see at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in July to take on MLS?  Hit us up in the comment section below.