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Cuatro a Cero: Twelve Reasons Why That Was a Most Satisfying Win!

Are you still buzzing from that glorious four that the Rapids hung on FC Dallas? I thought so. Here are twelve reasons what that win was oh so satisfying.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Few could give a more appropriate game recap than our illustrious Burgundy Wave leader, and I ain't gonna try.  But this I will say:

I cannot express how satisfying this win was, at least for this Rapids fan.  Here are some quick thoughts I had moments after the game was over (with #2 coming after all the games were completed for the weekend).

  1. The streak is over. Eighteen without a win, 600 minutes without a goal.  History.  Gone.  Forgotten!
  2. Consider: What do the Columbus Crew, New York City FC, Toronto FC, Philadelphia Union, Montreal Impact, and the Portland Timbers have in common? They have less points or (in the case of the Timbers and goal differential) are below us in the standings. I'll take it.
  3. The Saran Wrap is off. And what a great time to have that happen--even two minutes in! Funny how sports trends are.  All it takes is one goal to get the monkey off the back!
  4. It happened against Dallas. All the mouthing, all the sidestories regarding Pareja's departure from Colorado so soon before the 2014 season started, and we hung four on them.  I could stop here with the satisfaction list, but let's keep a-truckin'.
  5. Drew Moor was back.  Yup!  And you think that doesn't make a difference?  No question.  Welcome back, Cap'.
  6. Gaby got off the schnide. He's received a lot of grief for his inability to finish, but no one should ever say he hasn't gotten himself into some good positions. He's missed by inches (in one case, by an inch).
  7. Dillon Powers set the tone.  His energy, his passing, that great goal, the pressure he put on the defense!  Step up, Rapids Nation and give him his due!  Here's hoping he's anchoring the middle for years to come in Colorado!
  8. Serna's goal is already GOTW. should just go ahead and give it. When he develops, he'll be having more and more highlights for our Burgundy Boys (or Yellow Lads).
  9. We got our win before the Summer of Doyle. Yeah, yeah, it's exciting about the possibilities.  But we'll be OK.  Let's move it along.
  10. Way to bring the bad, Badji:  Badji did his part in putting pressure on the backline.  He's developing nicely. Couldn't be happier for him.
  11. To echo Chris White, our defense is fantastic. Two goals given up in five games.  Four (four!) clean sheets! Now, folks are paying attention to that lovely aspect of our games, even Taylor Twellman bringing attention to Clint Irwin's four clean sheets.
  12. And lastly, #forevergold !  I love our Burgundy kits, but let's ride those gold kits to the MLS Cup!
Your turn!  Why was that win satisfying to you?