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Simulation 2015: Rapids at FC Dallas

In previewing the Rapids-FC Dallas match we took to the Xbox 360 to see who would come out the winner.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

If the MLS season were like a video game, the Colorado Rapids would be 5-0-0.  Alas, that is far from reality, but we here at Burgundy Wave sometimes like to ignore reality.

Last night I fired up the ole gaming console and plugged in the Rapids at FC Dallas match to see who would come out the winner in a simulated environment.  The Rapids came away 3-0 winners over the Hoops which is about the best case scenario the Rapids could imagine.

Here was the Rapids starting lineup:

GK: Clint Irwin

DEF: Michael Harrington, Bobby Burling, Shane O'Neill, James Riley

D-MID: Lucas Pittinari, Marcelo Sarvas

MID: Juan Ramirez, Dillon Powers, Vicente Sanchez

F: Gabriel Torres

As for the game recap:

It was a boring opening 40 minutes with neither team really able to garner much of an attacking threat.  The Rapids were sitting back initially, content with absorbing the Hoops attack until the 40th minute.  At that point Pittinari sent a through ball that found a breaking Torres who buried it in the upper corner of the net.  The half ended with the Rapids up 1-0 but the goal seemed to break the will of the Dallas defense.

The second half opened nicely for the Rapids with the Burgundy Boys netting on 50 minutes off a header from Torres who got great service on a Powers cross.  From there the game settled down a bit with Clint Irwin being called upon to make a couple of nice saves in the 64th minute of the match, but in the 79th, a nice give and go with Ramirez and Sanchez ended all hope for Dallas as Ramirez picked up a fine goal.

At the end of the 90, the Rapids had picked up a win leaving the Dallas fans disappointed and Pittinari was named Man of the Match.

I know, I know, this is (probably) not reality, but it sure is a heck of a lot of fun!  So what do you think Rapids fans?  Do the Burgundy Boys have a shot tonight?  Let us know in the comment section below!