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Colorado Rapids April Preview: What Can We Expect?

As the Rapids enter the second month of the season, what are our Burgundy Boys facing?

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Spring is in the are blooming.  Trees are budding.  There is snow in the forecast.  It must be Colorado in April.  And that means one thing:  Footy!

As the Colorado Rapids enter their second month of the 2015 season, they have started off far different then anyone could have predicted.  Most people in Major League Soccer would have predicted an implosion the likes that have not been seen since the Gotham Rogues fell into the abyss, but alas, the Rapids are still standing after the first month at a (0-0-3) record.  What does this all mean going into April?  Well, here is my take:

April 4--vs New England Revolution

The streak has to end at some point right?  The Rapids have not scored since 2014 and have not won since Chivas USA was still a team.  It has to happen.  Right?  Right?  I am going to be obstinate and say, hell yes.  In a 2-0 fashion.  And let's be honest, this is the most winnable game of the month.  So yes!  Call it 2-0 for the Burgundy Boys

April 10 at FC Dallas

No, I am not sipping the Major League Soccer Kool-Aid about FC Dallas right now.  Do I think they are a good team?  Yes.  But it is only April and it is not time to crown them as the best team in MLS.  That being said, the Rapids drop this one, but it is close.  And it is the first time the Rapids give up a goal.  But the game winner will be on a referee mistake and the Rapids lose 1-0.

April 18 vs Seattle Sounders

The Sounders have OWNED the Rapids over the course of the playing history between the two clubs and this one looks like it should be a W for Seattle, but this feels like a match that the Rapids somehow bunker down and get a draw.  It will not be pretty and it will be a reminder of everything that the Rapids do not want to be, but it will be a point.

April 24 vs FC Dallas

The second match in a row at home for the Rapids comes against a familiar foe in the Hoops from Frisco.  In terms of winnable games in April, this comes in as second most winnable (out of five).  Dallas does have a good team, and they will make this difficult on the Lads, but I feel like this is one where they want to get one over on the hoops and score an 88th winner from a header from Drew Moor.  Yep.  I am calling this match as his return as a late game sub.

April 29 at New York Red Bulls.

The Metros are a good team and this game has loss written all over it for the Rapids.  They will have just come off an emotional win vs FCD and the Rapids will be spent.  But this one will be ugly.  It will be a brutal match, but the Metros will come through and down our Beloved Burgundy Boys 2-0.

So there you have it Rapids fans.  I have the Lads going 2-2-1 in the month of April  Am I full of it?  Or do I know what I am talking about.  Let's be honest, if I am correct a 2-2-4 record and 10 points would not be the worst start in the world.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!