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Aggressive or "Thuggery": Encouraged by the Rapids' Intensity

The offense needs work, to be honest, but I saw an intensity to the Rapids that was absent in 2014. Union fans called it thuggery--I call it aggressive. More, please.

The Union got a face full of Rapids on Saturday!
The Union got a face full of Rapids on Saturday!
Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Aggressiveness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  That platitude took a test drive Saturday amongst fans of the Colorado Rapids and the Philadelphia Union, which ended in a chippy 0-0 draw.

Twitter was abuzz in the #PHIvCOL hashtag space in reaction to the Rapids style of play. Union fans called the Rapid players' style of play "thuggery."  Rapids fans (myself included) felt (1) that was the pot calling the kettle black, and (2) refreshed that the Burgundy Boys demonstrated such tenacity--a tenacity that was missing in 2014.  Yes, we had a ton of fouls.  Yes, we had five yellow cards (two of them to Bobby Burling that left us a man down in the 68th minute..  Offensively, we were offensive (two shots on goal--surely that has to improve, right?). Badji had great energy that encouraged me.

But I saw the energy the Rapids brought and thought, "OK, this is turning into Pablo's team."  The verdict is still out on the talent.  The verdict is still out on whether they can play with aggressiveness and energy under control. I wonder if, with our suspect offense and our stout defense if we'll have 0-0 matches all 34 games.  But there's a tenacity that they showed in rather difficult weather conditions. If we could have that aggressiveness when we return to glorious grounds of DSGP, taking advantage of the altitude Denver provides, we'll be in the neighborhood of decent.

As our illustrious editor of the BW, reminded us, "It's one game out of 34."  Let's bring the lumber on 3/21 against NYCFC.  See you from the South Stands.

P.S.  Can Pablo please keep Clint Irwin between the pipes?  Man, he stood strong!