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Colorado Rapids Thugcast, Episode 64: Preview... Strike?!

Well, we were going to preview the Colorado Rapids 2015 season, but I hear tell there may be a monkey wrench in the proceedings... hell, let's talk about that too! The Thugcast is back!

The Colorado Rapids Thugcast is back! Unfortunately, we're returning under somewhat... unfortunate circumstances, as it seems that our season preview show may be previewing a season that might not happen, or at least happen on time. We'll totally still get our Rapids season preview done in this Thugcast, but you can probably expect waaay more discussion about the CBA and the issues it's causing right now. Will there be an actual strike finalized by the time this goes to air? Only one way to find out!

Click the Thugcast logo below to go directly to the show page, or just click this text right here instead. See you guys at 7 pm Mountain time!