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Colorado Rapids season expectations poll

Where do you see this mysterious Rapids team finishing in the crowded Western Conference?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, I said that the Colorado Rapids could finish anywhere between 3rd and 7th and it wouldn't surprise me one bit. I'm standing pat with that this season: the Rapids could finish anywhere between 3rd and 8th and it wouldn't surprise me either way. There are so many questions on this team that we're not going to know the answers to until probably June or July: Will the new players work out? Will Juan Ramirez be the wonderboy that the Rapids think he can be? Will Pablo Mastroeni improve enough to stop losing games on his own?

It's a tough call, but someone's gotta make it. That's where you guys come in. Vote below on where you think the Rapids are going to finish in the Western Conference this year, keeping in mind that six teams now make the MLS playoffs instead of the earlier five-team system. Are they a playoff team? Happy voting!