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Game Recap--Houston Dynamo 0:0 Colorado Rapids

In a result that shocks no one, the Rapids played to their third consecutive 0-0 draw.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports


Another draw.

Another scoreless draw.

The Colorado Rapids and Houston Dynamo played to a drab 0-0 draw in Houston on Saturday night in a match that lacked many things that are normally seen in professional football.  Like, scoring.  The Rapids had a myriad of chances from Gabriel Torres, Sam Cronin, Dillon Powers....hell they opportunities were there, but the Rapids could not find a winner.  While disappointing, the Rapids have yet to lose in 2015.

Here are my thoughts on this match:

Juan Ramirez is the real deal:  Ramirez has pace.  Ramirez has touch.  Ramirez can make you look silly.  I know the FO gets some grief over some of the personnel moves, but bring Ramirez to the Rapids was a sheer stroke of genius.  He is going to be something special.

The Finishing: I cannot properly put into words how bad the finishing is for the Rapids.  It is not just Torres or Dominique Badji.  From what I have seen after three games, the Rapids could not hit water if they were standing in a boat.  Just terrible.  And as this season moves along, there does not seem to be any hope or progress in this regard.

Numbers Don't Lie: The Rapids are undefeated this year at (0-0-3).  But here are some other numbers that are more important:  They are now 0-12-5 in their last 17.  They have not scored in five and a half games.  They have squandered every shot on goal this year and are relying on some stout defense to stay in games.  Bottom line: what they are doing is not working from a scoring goals perspective.  Which, by the way, is critical to winning football matches.

And with that, the Rapids return home to play New England Revolution on Saturday, April 4 at 5:00 PM MDT.