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Gabriel Torres No Longer A Designated Player

Word dropped on Thursday that Torres was no longer considered a DP.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

So this came out today:

Gabriel Torres is no longer a Designated Player.

OK.  Got it.  According to the article, because his transfer fee was significant and has now been fully paid, he is no longer considered a DP.  Torres made $262,500 in guaranteed compensation in 2014 and that figure plus the transfer fee made him a DP.  Now that it has been paid off, he is no longer in that category.

So does this mean much?  Well, the cynical person would say: "good, he does not deserve DP pay!"  I will take a kinder approach and look at it this way:

We can now add another DP.  It is no secret that our finishing is truly struggling right now and that Kevin Doyle is coming to our Colorado Rapids this summer after his season is over at Wolves.  We have Juan Ramirez in the midfield as a DP so that means two of three slots are filled.  But when looking at the Rapids club, should a third DP be added?  And if so, where?

Earlier this week Chris brought out the Scott Palguta Memorial Depth Meter that takes a look at our depth in key positions and we are strong in depth all over the field.  Except one: striker.  And he is spot on.  We are extremely thin up top and need reinforcements.  It does not matter how stout our midfield and defense are if we cannot score goals.

The Rapids cannot afford to wait until Doyle gets here in June/July to get a big body up front.  The simply need scoring now, but what can you find in March/April time frame that will be worth the time and investment for the club.  Is there someone out there that can help?  The FO has had a good off-season finding talent, but I wonder if this DP slot is one that will be used on a player that comes in the summer time.

And if that is the case: Dominique Badji and Torres better find a way to put the ball in the net as they are the only recognized strikers on the team.  Cause, you know....strikers are supposed to score.