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A Letter to Myself: Do Rapids Fans Have an Inferiority Complex?

To Rapids fans, it often seems like we get the short end of the stick in a lot of ways--almost to the point where many expect bad things to happen. The time came where I had to write a letter--to myself! You're welcome to eavesdrop!

Who cares what others think?  Go Rapids!
Who cares what others think? Go Rapids!
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

This article is exclusively written to me, so you're welcome to eavesdrop.

Dear Self:

I'm bothered you are so bothered.

For one, the MLS Power Rankings came out today, and I was not only bothered that the Colorado Rapids didn't move up, but I was bothered more about you being bothered that the Rapids didn't move up.  Oh sure, the darlings of MLS (New York City FC) moved up one after drawing with our Burgundy Boys.  Their rationale?  Here it is:  "As Jason Kreis said, a road point is always acceptable. The performance from both teams, however, was something less than stellar."  So they move up from 12th to 11th.

The rationale for the Rapids staying at 19?  "They've gone seven hours without scoring in MLS. Nothing is working in attack, but at least the defense isn't the sieve it was last year, and Clint Irwin has bounced back with two very good games."

Fine.  And you know what?  These may serve as legitimate rationales.  But we found ourselves saying, "See?  Look!  They are dissing the Rapids again."

Case in point #2:  This tape delay airing of the Rapids match against the Dynamo until 11:30 PM Saturday night.  Along with this, the silly blackout.  As Uz pointed out earlier, soccer matches are a tight two hours.  They ('they' being KSE or Altitude--and I believe this is on Altitude) wouldn't do that.  MLS Live is blacking the game out.

And you know what we said?  "Here we go--getting dissed again."  You were bothered (1) that you time-traveled to 1998 and used the word 'dissed,' and (2) that here we are again saying, "Here we go again!"  Again, I'm bothered you are so bothered (as if there were a floating scale of botherdom).

Maybe this melancholy mindset is the phenomena of Rapids fandom--and this is part of my learning curve.  Reality: We are a mid-market team vying for a seat at the pro sports table of fandom and coverage, so there's that.  Will that change?  Self, do you  see us taking down the Broncos, the Avs, or even the Rockies or Nuggets, as mediocre to awful as they've been?

Reality: As long as we're not scoring goals, as long as we're not winning, then we will not receive a lot of love. Our response?

So what? Should you, Self, really lose sleep if another team gets coverage over us?  You remember folks lamenting about a team getting more coverage regarding their tifo and we didn't get any in comparison--nary a mention!  So what happened?  Our C38 folks put together an epic tifo--not for anyone else's sake, not for national media coverage, not so Rachel Bonnetta will mention us, but because we have a supporters' group that gets it.  It's about the Rapids--about solidarity.

So other outlets pass us over!  So major stars may not come our way!  That doesn't mean we need to dip into the inferiority complex well.  We make our voices heard to the Rapids ownership and front office, we support our team, and give the players a solid fan base to play for--and who cares what anyone else thinks!

There's work to be done, yes!  Status quo must go!  But let's not jump in the deep end of the pity pool!  Let's rally the troops and, again, make our voices heard.  We have the stage again with the All-Star Game coming at the end of July.  Let's make great use of it!

Come on you 'Pids,

From the South Stands