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Rapids vs. Dynamo won't be broadcast in Colorado until 11:30 PM

Two other Altitude teams taking precedence over the Rapids (as per usual) means that folks in Denver won't have a way to legally watch the match until very, very late into the evening.

I agree, Gaby.
I agree, Gaby.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Because the Colorado Rapids can't have nice things, fans won't be able to see the match against the Houston Dynamo until five hours after it has started. The match is scheduled to start at 6:30 PM Mountain Time, but because of Avalanche and Nuggets games taking up Altitude and Altitude2 slightly later that night, the Rapids will be bumped completely off of Altitude until a tape-delayed showing of the match at 11:30 pm on both networks.

It's obvious that the Nuggets and Avalanche both generally get far more viewership on the network than the Rapids do, but this is still an incredibly stupid move on the part of Altitude. Both the Avs and Nuggets are out of their respective playoff races. The Avs are playing perhaps the worst team in the NHL at home, while the Nuggets are in full tank mode and are playing hilariously poorly at the moment.

Compare that with the Rapids, who, while still nursing a bad streak of winless play, are still at least early in the season and in the playoff race by default, and there's no reason that the Nuggets or Avs could have been dumped off into tape delay land. Or, at the very least, the Rapids game could have started, played and then turned into one of the other games in progress after, considering the Rapids game is guaranteed to be just around two hours, shorter than the other two.

I know that they have the basic reason on their side, that being the fact that the Rapids are the least popular team playing on the day and the scheduling is not on their side. Still, the fact that we are in 2015 and there is no legal way to watch an MLS match live, regardless of which market or what team we're talking about, is absolutely embarrassing.

At least this one is for a slightly better reason than the time when Altitude bumped the Rapids' start of the match because high school football was on. But it's not by a whole lot.