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Dear MLS, It Is Time For You To Grow Up

A letter to Major League Soccer.....

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Major League Soccer,

Hi.  My name is John and I am a supporter of the Colorado Rapids.  You know, that team that you often ignore from the East Side of the Rocky Mountains.  That team that has a star above its crest.  But, let's be honest.  I am not here to talk about the Rapids.  I am here to talk about your unwillingness to stop games for International Breaks.

Hey, I get it.  You got to keep the games rolling.  It's cool.  For my friends at Sounder at Heart this probably pisses them off a bit.  They are losing Clint Dempsey for an important match against league leaders FC Dallas.   But hey, you don't care right?  Dempsey missing for Seattle Sounders?  It's cool, right?

Or our mates at Walking The Red, the Toronto FC blog.  I know they are totally down with losing Jozy Altitore, Michael Bradley and three other players.  But hey, the games have to keep going.

And for our Beloved Burgundy are taking Shane O'Neill for the USMNT U-23's from us for an important match against Houston Dynamo.  But hell, we got depth now!  Nevermind that O'Neill is a critical player for us and we are a better squad with him in the lineup.  Every point matters in MLS.  All matches are critical.  And missing O'Neill is not going to be fun.

What do you care?  The games MUST GO ON.

So why, oh why, MLS must you keep the games going over the International Breaks?  Are you that incompetent that you can't figure out a schedule that takes the International Breaks into account?  Or is it that you don't care?

See, you have to understand this fact this year: the Western and Eastern Conference are going to be tight this year.  And missing O'Neill for us or Dempsey and Marco Pappa for Seattle Sounders or Bradley for TFC or Nick Rimando for Real Salt Lake....oh wait, that COULD NOT POSSIBLY do anything in the race for the top six in the West right?

What I don't understand MLS is why you just can't call this week a bye and move on.  Hell, four teams have had byes in week two and three EACH.  Are you saying that you could not move that bye to WEEK FOUR?

But hey, that scheduling thing over an eight month season is tough right?  And yes, it is a heck of an honor to get called to play for your country.  It is something that should never be turned down, save for an injury.

However MLS, is it too much to grow up a bit and take those International Breaks off?  Seriously?  Is it too much to ask?

Look, I love you MLS.  It is such a wonderful league.  But is it too much for you to do a schedule that does not screw with teams ability to make the playoffs, let alone trophies?  I mean, I am just asking here as a fan.


John, a Colorado Rapids Supporter