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Rapids and UCCS Partner To Create Soccer Business Management Degree

The first of its kind program in the United States has Colorado Rapids and University of Colorado-Colorado Springs creating a Soccer Business Management Degree.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids.

Not the Front Range Rapids.

Or the Denver Rapids

Or the Commerce City Rapids.

The Colorado Rapids.

There has always been a question as to why the Rapids were not named the Denver Rapids instead of the Colorado Rapids.  After all, the Denver Metro is the largest area in the state (population wise) and a good number of supporters and fans come from that area.  But there are fans throughout the state and region and news out of Colorado Springs yesterday demonstrates that.

The Rapids and the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs announced yesterday that they partnered to create the first business management degree with a focus in soccer.  Students accepted into this program (scheduled to start in the Fall of 2015) will get hands on experience in the day to day operations of a soccer team in Commerce City.  The partnership with UCCS and the Rapids will better prepare students, and potentially open doors for a career in the front office side of the soccer business.

There are a couple of take-aways from this for me.  First off, it is another example of the team engaging with the community and recognizing the program that is available at UCCS.  Having the Rapids name on this program increases visibility and viability of the brand here in Colorado and beyond.  You want a business degree with a soccer focus?   You are coming to the Rapids and UCCS.  That exposure will be good for the club.

Secondly, I like how the club has embraced the program at UCCS.  There are other schools that are closer, and for me, the partnership with UCCS shows that they are really looking at the State of Colorado as a complete community and there are resources throughout the state that can be utilized to build that community.  The soccer family is a small world and that outreach to UCCS has made that family just a bit bigger.