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Charlotte Independence Schedule Released

USL Pro released their 2015 schedule yesterday and amongst that was the first schedule for our affiliate in Charlotte.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

As the season gets closer and closer for the Colorado Rapids and more and more changes come to the roster, eyes shifted to Charlotte on Tuesday as the Independence found out their schedule for 2015.  The Independence will play a 28 game regular season (followed by a Championship of course) over parts of 7 months.

For those hoping for a game in Colorado Springs against the Switchbacks, unfortunately that will not occur this year.  The closest that the Independence get to Colorado is a road match on September 12 against Saint Louis, but heck, Southwest flies non-stop, if you need your USL Pro fix.

Below is the schedule for 2015:

3/27 Charleston at Charlotte
4/3 Charlotte at Wilmington
4/11 Toronto at Charlotte
4/18 Charlotte at Richmond
4/24 Harrisburg at Charlotte
5/2 Louisville at Charlotte
5/8 Richmond at Charlotte
5/16 Charlotte at Harrisburg
5/23 Charlotte at Charleston
6/7 Charlotte at Richmond
6/13 Pittsburgh at Charlotte
6/20 Charleston at Charlotte
6/26 Richmond at Charlotte
7/4 Saint Louis at Charlotte
7/11 Charlotte at Louisville
7/18 Charlotte at Rochester
7/25 Montreal at Charlotte
8/1 Rochester at Charlotte
8/5 New York at Charlotte
8/12 Charlotte at New York
8/15 Charlotte at Pittsburgh
8/22 Pittsburgh at Charlotte
8/26 Charlotte at Montreal
8/29 Charlotte at Toronto
9/3 Charlotte at Wilmington
9/5 Wilmington at Charlotte
9/12 Charlotte at Saint Louis
9/19 Charlotte at Charleston