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Three Thoughts: Colorado Rapids Desert Diamond Cup Game Three

The Rapids ended pool play with a 1-0 victory over FC Tucson. How did they look?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Football is never an easy thing, not matter who you are playing.  The Colorado Rapids found this out on Wednesday night after taking on FC Tucson at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona.  The host team played a strong defensive game, content with soaking up the Rapids pressure as much as they could.  The Rapids had plenty of chances all match but could not put the ball into the net until an 81st minute header from Axel Sjoberg.  So how did the Rapids look?  My thoughts:

Deshorn is not a starter: Look, I like Deshorn Brown.  I think he is indicative of the Rapids ability to spot and develop talent whether it is via transfer, or in Brown's case, the draft.  But something is not right with Brown and he cannot be considered for a starting spot on this team.  At this point.   He has been battling injury during this pre-season, and it is obvious that his speed and touch are not back yet.  He headed two easy goals over the crossbar and just looked out of sorts all night.  The Rapids have relied on him over the last two years in a major way, but now is time for Brown to get healthy and earn his spot back.

#GabyTime: Gabriel Torres did not play much this match.  And he did not score a goal.  But he did deliver a delicious corner that found the head of Sjoberg for the winning goal.  Torres has played three games in Tucson and has had a hand in every Rapids goal.  I think we are in for something special from Torres this season.

Clean Sheet: Yes, I know it is against a PDL side, but winning breeds confidence.  And so do clean sheets.  The Rapids started Zac MacMath, James Riley, Jared Watts, Bobby Burling and Marc Burch in the back and ended with John Berner, Michael Harrington, Sjoberg, Wes Knight and Ben Newman.  It was a proper run out for the defense even if there was not much in the way of offense generation from FCT.  Regardless, a big fat 0 on the score sheet is big for a team that has not had one since the UNLV victory in Las Vegas.