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Who Will Face the MLS All-Stars?

I'm ready to find out who the opponents will be for the MLS All-Stars. Who do you believe the opponent will be?

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

The major announcement was not that surprising: the MLS All-Star Game Presented by AT&T will be in Commerce City.

Then we speculated about the opponent.  The most non-partner partnership in sports delivered on its pattern with Arsenal not coming, having already scheduled an Asian tour at that time.

So let's do something fun: who do you believe will face the MLS All-Stars?  Obviously, the opponent needs to be marketable, especially here in Denver.

We heard from Richard Fleming in a recent podcast about his thoughts--now, let's hear from you.

  • Do you see any other Bundesliga team attracting interest, given that Bayern Munich already came last year?
  • Do you see Real Madrid or Barcelona (or even Atletico Madrid) making their way to the Centennial State?
  • What Italian team makes the most sense? Juventus, the Milan teams, or Roma coming back (they were here against Manchester United last July)?
  • And of course, do you see a Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City or Everton (yes, I threw that in--would love to see the Toffees come with a healthy Tim Howard in goal)?
Let the speculation begin.  Personally, Real Madrid, Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, Roma, or Everton would light my candle.  But those are my teams.  What do you think?

Fire away.