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20 Years in the Books: What is Your #RapidsMoment?

Major League Soccer just finished its 20th season. And our Beloved Burgundy Boys are asking a good question: What is your #RapidsMoment

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The 20th season of Major League Soccer is done and dusted and after a thrilling regular season and very compelling playoffs, all 20 MLS teams are in the process of building towards 2016.  And it is no different in Commerce City as our Colorado Rapids are in the middle of that same process.

But today the Rapids asked a very good, and certainly not easy, question to answer:

"What is your #RapidsMoment?"

The Rapids asked the five members of the Gallery of Honor to select their favorite #RapidsMoment and those five memories were put together in a video clip for all of us as Rapids fans to vote on.  Marcelo Balboa, John Spencer, Pablo Mastroeni, Paul Bravo and Chris Henderson all gave their input and as a Rapids fan, it was a nice trip down memory lane.

And now the Rapids want your vote on it.  What is your #RapidsMoment?

The nominees are:

1)  John Spencer's 4th of July hat-trick

2)  Chris Henderson's 1997 Western Conference Final Goal

3)  Inaugural Season 1996

4)  2010 MLS Cup Victory

5)  1997 Western Conference Final Victory

Sure, we all probably have our favorites that may not be on this list, but this is a good piece of Rapids history that makes for a nice way to end the 2015 season.  So click here and give the our Beloved Burgundy Boys your vote on what you feel the best #RapidsMoment is.  Voting ends this Sunday at 8PM!!