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Rebuilding the Colorado Rapids--An Introduction

The Rapids are in a state of flux and in need of massive changes and help. This is the first article in a new series looking at what needs to be done to bring the Rapids back to respectability and relevancy.

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Utter Crap

All of those words and phrases can be used to describe the Colorado Rapids this season.  And every single one would be accurate.  Coupled with a brutal 2014, the Rapids have won just 17 of their last 68 regular season games and are in a state of complete disarray.  The team is a mess.  The supporters are pissed.  We are the laughing stock of Major League Soccer.

Can this franchise be saved?  Can things get better?


And check this out:  the Rapids can return to the MLS Cup Playoffs next season.

Over the next couple of weeks the staff at Burgundy Wave will be looking at what changes need to happen in Commerce City to make this team better.  No, this will not be a bashing of Pablo Mastroeni, Paul Bravo and Tim Hinchey.  This series will be about looking ahead towards 2016 and not backwards at 2015.

As always, we welcome your comments and hope that you will let us know your thoughts.  Let us know where we get it right and where we get it wrong.  And most of all, if you have suggestions on what the Rapids can do, please let us know.