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A Hiccup in Potential Sale of Powers?

Interesting news from England today as it is being reported that Steve Clarke has been fired as manager of Reading FC

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

It all looked like it was going so well....

Colorado Rapids midfielder Dillon Powers has been on trial with Reading FC and it appeared that everything was going well for him.  He had impressed the manager (Steve Clarke) at Reading FC and all signs pointed to the sale of Powers to Reading FC looked like it could happen.

Steve Clarke had this to say just yesterday:

Dillon is still with us. He'll work with us for the next few days and then will probably go back at the end of the week. He's done well. I think he's enjoyed it and we've enjoyed having him so it's something that we can look at in January. Obviously there are a lot of discussions to come between now and then, but he hasn't done himself any harm.

But today it was reported from Get Reading that Steve Clarke has been sacked by Reading FC following a home loss to QPR.

The issue with a possible sale of Powers is that he impressed for Clarke and not the next manager that will be on his way in.  Sure, it could be a person that is familiar with Clarke and Powers, but ultimately this can only be seen as a hiccup for the Rapids midfielder.

Will the (potential) sale eventually happen?  Yesterday, I would have said yes--Dillon Powers is being sold.  As of today?  Things are not as clear.  Powers is on the Rapids roster for 2016, so they are in no rush to get anything done as he is under contract.  And while a sale is still possible, the sacking of Clarke could complicate it.

We will continue to update this story as it warrants, but would love to hear your thoughts on this one.  Do you want Powers back in Burgundy?  Would you like to see him sold?  Let us know!