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A Year In Pictures: Burgundy Wave Looks Back at 2015, Part Three

It wasn't just the Rapids who played in Commerce City this year. There were a number of excellent matches outside of the Burgundy Boys. Here are a few photos from those games.

A View from the rainy South Concourse at DSGP during Olympic Qualifying
A View from the rainy South Concourse at DSGP during Olympic Qualifying
John P Rosch

Dick's Sporting Goods Park is the home of our beloved Burgundy Boys.  And although the Colorado Rapids had a bit of a down year this season, there were a number of reasons to cheer, stomp, scream, smile, clap and yell when coming out to the park this season.

The MLS All-Star Game

The Chipotle Homegrown Game

The Special Olympics Unified Game

and of course, 2015 Olympic Qualifying.

I had the honor of being at all of these events, whether it was in the press box (thanks MLS and CONCACAF) or on the concourse covering games.  I snapped a few pictures and wanted to share them with you as we wrap our 2015 coverage of the Rapids and all things soccer this year.  I hope you enjoy:

The Unified Game

One of the best moments of the Rapids hosting the All-Star game had to be the Unified game played before the Chipotle Homegrown game.  It pitted Special Olympics athletes against one another in a football match on the pitch at DSGP.  It was a lovely game and one that I was honored, and proud to bring my family to see.  Now if only MLS had pulled their heads out and allowed me to not sit in the blazing sun.

Unified JPR

The Homegrown Game:

This was the match that featured the youngest and brightest of MLS players and was an exciting display.  I did have press access for this one, but something told me that the view from 115 would afford me a better view, and a better chance to write about this one:


The match was a fun one as it featured current Rapids player Dillon Serna and the soon to be sold Shane O'Neill for the MLS side.

And whilst my view was great from 115, the view from the North Stands was just as great:

North Stands JPR

(yeah, the cool exposure makes this one even better)

The All-Star Game:

But July was just not about the Homegrown game.  Cause, you know.  There was this too:


And that Colorado Sky in July:

Colorado Sky JPR

Olympic Qualifying:

AND, Dick's Sporting Goods Park also had Olympic Qualifying in October!

Oly Qual JPR

Well, that does it for us in 2015!  Thanks so much for joining us on this ride and we hope that you will join as we look ahead to 2016 and to the Rapids pushing for a second MLS Cup!