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A Year In Pictures: Burgundy Wave Looks Back at 2015, Part Two

2015 is almost done. How did things shake out in pictures?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Soccer matches are about family.  The term footy family is bandied about and it is pretty accurate.  Some of the best people I know in life are soccer supporters and it is always a blast to share time with them at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.  And no matter how you felt about the Colorado Rapids season, I think we can all agree that the footy family we have there is what makes going to a game so special.

Here are some pictures of the footy family, including some Burgundy Wave contributors this season:

Two Countries and a Tailgate

At the Rapids-Revolution match in April, I was stoked to be joined by our Besties from Broomfield, but also by my sister and Brother-in-Law who live in British Columbia.  Yep....Rapids fans in BC.  (Take that Whitecaps!)  It was an awesome day (despite the crappy result) and we had a proper tailgate.  Plenty of family and friends, great beer, terrific food and football.  Does it get better than that?  (A Rapids win would have helped)

Tailgate April JPR

Rain, rain go away...Come again another day

One of the themes for many early Rapids games (in any season) is the weather.  Yes, it can snow into May along the Front Range of Colorado....or it can rain cats and dogs.  For my birthday in May, some of the Lads joined me at a match (including Burgundy Wave Staff Writer Mile High Soap Box) and to say it was cold and rainy was an understatement.  To say that Noah was getting ready to build an ark, was more appropriate.  Here is a picture from the tailgate:

cold.  rain.  jpr

But back to the cool TIFO's...

Again, sitting in 115 give's me (gave) a great view of the pitch and it is truly awesome to see Centennial 38 when they get all TIFO'd up and show their best.  And this one happened on July 11.  You know.  When we smacked Real Salt Lake and took great strides to bring the Rocky Mountain Cup back to Colorado.  Yeah....that was awesome.  And so was this work:

tifo july 11 jpr

Tomorrow we look back at the big events that came to Dick's Sporting Goods Park in 2015.  Including  the MLS All-Star Game and Olympic Qualifying.