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Best Rapids Moments of 2015: Number Two, Serna from Way Downtown

In the Rapids best game of the season, they eviscerate FC Dallas 4-0 in Texas. But the most funnest part wouldn't happen until the 87th minute. Our series on the best Rapids moments of 2015 continues.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Moment #2: Serna Golazo Golazo!

There was a lot that was awesome about the Colorado Rapids win against FC Dallas on April 10, 2015. The Rapids hadn't scored in over 600 minutes. They hadn't won in 18 games. So when Dominique Badji opened his MLS scoring account with a perfectly timed volley on an excellent cross from Dillon Powers in only the 2nd minute, it was a big relief to the Colorado faithful.

In addition, Powers and Gabriel Torres tallied at 43' and 70', respectively.

But Dillon Serna added, to my mind, probably the best goal of the year for the Rapids. Granted, it's in garbage time at 87'. Nonetheless, he fires an absolute bomb of a goal from 28 yards out into the upper left 90. On national television.

It was an astounding goal on it's own merits, but that he also stole the ball at midfield and pinged a give-and-go to Gabriel Torres, took one... two... three touches and buried it in the back of the net makes it all the more special.

Note that just two months later, on June 19, Serna would put a dagger in FC Dallas' heart once again, tying things up on 88' to steal a 1-1 against the Hoops. This one is an almost equally spectacular goal: a volleyed spinning golazcito . Serna must hate Texas something awful. If I'm Oscar Pareja, next year, I either concede victory to his new overlord Dillon Serna or go all Tanya Harding the night before in the team hotel in hopes of stopping the Rapids homegrown wunderkind. thinks Sam Cronin's goal on May 30 to tie it up against Portland was the best of the year for the ‘Pids.

It might have had more significance (in this year that will be soooo insignificant in Rapids history), and volleys are always nice. But still, for my money, this early season goal was the best of the year for Colorado. I really hope to see a lot more of that in 2016.