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Best Rapids Moments of 2015 Number Six: Vicente Sanchez destroys SKC

Sporting never knew what hit 'em.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Moment #7. Vicente Sanchez Destroys SKC

On August 29th, the Rapids won 2-1 over SKC on two filthy filthy assists from Sanchez. The Rapids were pretty much out of the playoffs by this point. SKC, on the other hand, went from top of the Western Conference to sixth over the next 10 games, winning only three more games all year.

SKC's tumble into the knockout round spot was due to many factors, but Vicente Sanchez skinning Seth Sinovic was certainly one of them. In the end, it was bad for Sporting. They had to face eventual MLS Cup Champs Portland in the first match, and lost on PKs, 7-6. One shot hit both posts and rattled out. SKC will probably take a look at this game this offseason and think of what could had been.

So although he couldn't carry the Rapids to the playoffs in 2015, Vicente Sanchez is certainly someone SKC doesn't ever want to see again.

Man, I'll miss him next year.