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Best Rapids Moments of 2015 Number Five: Drew Moor makes the ASG

(Sniff). I must have something in my eye. Just give me a moment over here.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Moment #5. Drew Moor Crying when he makes the All Star Team

You work really hard in your job. You toil at it. You have good days and bad days. Occasionally something really goes your way. Maybe a couple co-workers notice and say ‘hey, way to go.' Maybe one year your boss tells you what a great job you did and gives you a raise. Maybe.

But in your profession, there's probably someone so exceptional, so gifted, that they rack up accolades like the Galaxy get trophies. The Giovincos of pharm reps. The Lionel Messis of marketing. The Per Mertesackers of plumbing. These folks are naturally gifted. They are remarkable specimens. They are famous and rich and given accolades frequently. They make plumber all-star teams effortlessly.

In other words, they are not like you. Or me.*

I mean, ok, Drew Moor is not really like you or me. He is sort-of famous. He plays soccer on national television each week. He has been named the Colorado Rapids defender of the year three times. But that's an award given to one of eight players. It's like winning your office football pool three years in a row (kinda?).

Drew Moor is, for lack of a better phrase, a lunchpail guy. He shows up and does his job very well and doesn't get any grand notoriety. I'm curious to know how many times in a week he is even recognized when out at a restaurant. I suspect it's rare. That kind of work-a-day anonymity is something the average fan can relate to. So is the experience of being un-rewarded.

Moor blew his ACL in 2014.That's quite a low; a humbling, human experience, that I think many of us can relate to. I know I can.

In 1999 I was a young and stupid ski instructor in Taos, New Mexico. That year was meant to be a lark between college and grad school. Just a year of skiing before the quest began towards gainful employment in the ‘real world'. But I did something young and stupid, and tried to huck a heli in a bad spot. I landed wrong. My right knee exploded in pain. I limped down the mountain, essentially on one foot.

At the base, the clinic doc gave it a feel and an x-ray. He concluded ‘you've probably torn your ACL. Sorry kid, your season is done.' I cried the first tears I'd cried since I was 14.**

For the lunch pail guys, life is full of highs and lows. We've seen Moor go through both.

That high was when Drew Moor cried upon learning from Rapids play-by-play man Richard Fleming that he'd been named to the MLS All-Star game on his home turf in Commerce City.

And deservedly so.

Those were everyman, Johnny Lunchpail tears.

We'll miss you, Drew. You're sure to get one hell of an ovation when you return to DSGP someday soon.


Still got my fingers crossed for 2016!

** Post-script- I was lucky. I had only a partial tear of my ACL. One month of PT, and I was back on the slopes with a knee brace. Dream deferred, not dashed.