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Do We Know All of the Story? Processing the Departure of Drew Moor

Just weeks ago, I argued that Drew Moor is a legend for the Rapids. While I still believe that's the case, let's think through what led up to his departure.

All the best, Cap!
All the best, Cap!
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

One thing about us Colorado Rapids fans: we've become conditioned to losing, whether it's on the pitch or even in personnel.  How difficult it is for us to see any positivity!  As a result of our conditioning, any move the front office makes that seems slightly suspect brings the claws out.

This happened with Drew Moor's departure to Toronto FC.  Rapids fans processed this in one of two ways:

  1. Drew can't be leaving!  No, no, no!
  2. Good for Drew!  He needs to be with a quality club!
But every reaction was fueled by this sentiment:  "Boy, the FO really blew it--again!"

This, on top of what Moor said in a recent interview in the Toronto Sun:

"I’m not a person who needs all the bells and whistles and needs to be extremely well-taken care of, because that’s not who I am. But it’s important that the Colorado Rapids continue to progress as the league progresses or they might have trouble keeping up. As much as I loved the Rapids organization ... the league has come a long way since (Colorado won MLS Cup) in 2010."

Ah ha!  Another shot over the bow!  Cue the "Look at how the FO blew it now!"

You've read my rag from the south stands, and you know that I've taken issue with some of the decisions the Rapids management has made.  But with this, I can't help but wonder:  do we really know everything that's happening? No, we don't.  But I believe hindsight will help us a bit.

You recall the surprise decision to place the captaincy on Sam Cronin rather than Drew Moor.  All sorts of speculation came out about this decision.  But it's just that--speculation!  We do not know if that was on Pablo or if it was on Drew. But I'll say this, if (and I say if) Moor did something that caused him to lose the captaincy, then we should as rational, reasonable, objective fans that we are realize that his days were likely numbered.

Plus, we really don't know what else went on behind the Burgundy Curtain.

And I suppose that's my overall point to this: Yes, the Rapids need to catch up to 2015.  My Cincinnati Bengals had to do that, and finally did in 2010.  Up until then, it was Mike Brown's Mom and Pop Shop.  Now, the Bengals are a legitimate NFL organization that plays well, drafts well, and has a shot with or without Andy Dalton.  The Rapids, according to Moor's comments in Toronto, may well need to do the same thing.

But we can speculate until the cows crow about what and why and how the FO does things (heaven knows, I've done my share).  But all I can do is speculate.  I look at the fruit of their labor and scratch my head and come to all sorts of conclusions about motives and reasonings for such decisions.  And it sure gives me plenty of fodder to populate the Burgundy Wave with articles on my speculations.

But their just that--speculations.  I'm not in the meetings, I'm not in the office, I'm not in the training room, and I'm certainly not in their heads.

So while we may have heartache upon heartache upon our Captain leaving, having him lose that captaincy makes me wonder what the issues were surrounding that.  We'll never know, nor should we.  Nor, honestly, do I really want to know.  I just know that, personally, I cannot have as a default that the FO is always wrong, nor always right.

But this I do know:  I and all of Rapid Nation wish Drew Moor all the best on that back line for Toronto FC.  And I hope that when he does come back in that TFC kit, we honor him well.  Then I hope the Rapids kick the everliving stuffing out of TFC.

Just sayin'.