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Best Rapids Moments of 2015 Number Three: Beating the Sounders at CenturyLink

The Sounders. (Cringe) . Irritating on sooooo many levels. Beating them at their home for the first time was toooootally sweet.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Rapids Moment of the 2015 Season #3

The Seattle Sounders. (Cringe) . Irritating on sooooo many levels. There's the elite hipsterism. The jealousy of seeing a six-year old team pack a stadium of 43,000. The deep pockets and fabuolous lineup. The constant dagger-in-the-heart play of Obafemi Martins. The obnoxious flopsterism of Clint Dempsey. That field made out of carpet remnants from the vestibule of the local VFW hall. In the fight between ‘MLS Team I like the Least', only RSL is less liked. (The Sounders supporters have some pretty good songs, and RSL's song makes me want to chug Drano. Plus, they're Real Salt Lake.) So beating them is great. Beating them at home is greater. Beating them at home when you've never done it before would be the greatest.

The Colorado Rapids had been 0-8-1 at CenturyLink going into this one on July 18, 2015. But Dempsey and Martins were out, and so the Sounders went with a 4-3-3, with Lamar Neagle, rookie Christian Roldan, and something called ‘Thomas' up top. The Sounders were also on a bad run of form coming in, having dropped 5 of the previous 7 games. So the ‘Pids had a chance going in.

The Rapids played a deep lying 4-3-3, and were mostly content to bog down play and muck up the middle of the field, with their defense minded midfield of Cronin, Pittinari and Sarvas. It worked. The Sounders struggled to generate quality chances, and Clint Irwin was a rock. The Center Back pairing of Jared Watts and Drew Moor were solid too. It stayed nil-nil to late in the game.

And then Kevin Doyle got this goal in the 84th minute.

Note that it's a perfectly laid pass from deep by Watts, and Doyle does great things with it. Touch one, chest it down to control, split the defenders. Touch two, get space. Touch three, back of the net. I screamed so loud I think I woke the baby.

This game also had this.

Man, I hope Charles Eloundou gets back onto the Rapids in 2016, but if he stays with the Switchbacks down in the Springs, call me and we'll go catch a game.