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Vela? No Vela? Trying to Understand the Rumors

Is Vela going to Italy? Is he staying in Spain? Or is the move going to involve Major League Soccer?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This off-season was always going to be an interesting one for the Colorado Rapids.  After two very poor seasons in Commerce City, changes were going to be made to bring this squad back to a competitive place in Major League Soccer.  And we will have much more on moves that we think should be made to make the team better, but for now it is fun to dabble in some rumor speculation.  And that means a little Carlos Vela talk.

Firstly, I have no idea whether Vela will come to Colorado or not.

Secondly, I do believe the ownership of the Rapids is/are willing to shell out the money for a player they feel will bring value and quality to the squad.

Today, on, there was an article about Vela and his potential move to Commerce City.  It appeared to be positive and that a move may happen.  This was on the heals of an article yesterday that said a move to MLS may not be in the immediate future.  Or there is this little nugget that says Vela's agent is waiting on the Rapids to make the next move in this saga.

So what does it even mean?  Is Vela coming here?  Is he not coming here?  Could he be going somewhere else?

Some thoughts:

1)  I do think that his current club, Real Sociedad, is looking to sell Vela as they can probably get top value for him at this time as he is 26 years old and largely considered in his prime.  His value seems to be around $16 million and if you are Real Sociedad, you take that amount if you can get it.  His form has been down this year, and the team itself is struggling and flirting with relegation as they are in 15th, just two points from safety.

2)  Vela was in the Starting XI last weekend, but that should not be read into that much.  If a player is potentially going to be sold, you want to show potential buyers that he is fit and what his form level is.  Of course, this can bite you in the ass if he gets hurt or starts to suck, but regardless, seeing him play is not all that shocking.

3)  Here is the big thing with this:  whether Vela comes to Colorado or not, the Rapids are at least trying to go for a big name player that is in his prime.  And Vela would help the many players on the Rapids squad are better than Vela is?  Sure, his form has been poor, but that does not mean he will not have success in MLS.  Kevin Doyle did not have the best of form in England before he came to the Rapids, but his half season ended pretty well.

4)  If Vela is going to come to MLS, that move will come through Colorado.  Whether he plays in Burgundy or not, the Rapids will be involved.  As they are first in line to sign him, they will either get him or will get something in terms of compensation for his rights.

5)  The Rapids need press.  Any press that is showing that they are trying to improve the club.  A Vela rumor, whether it is true or not, is that press.   This rumor gives the slightest glimmer of hope that the team is looking to get better rather than settling for the status quo.

So what are your thoughts Rapids fans?  This seems like this rumor is gaining some steam, but would love to hear your point of view.  Hit us up in the comment section below!